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Programming, programming software, programs for free download Notepad2, MoinMoin, SQLyog Community Edition Download for free!

»» Free download Notepad2!

Notepad2 is a program with Freeware license, to download it click free download »»

Notepad2 ::: a text editor, a computer program used for editing text.
Notepad2 is a text editor such as the Wnindows text editor Notepad.
Notepad2 is a widely used text editor for programmers, the program is ideal for editing code written in the programming languages: HTML, PHP, CSS, ASP, C/C++, Javascript and many other programming languages.
Notepad2 provides some facilities for programmers like syntax support for color, which helps a lot when writing code.... download now »»

»» Free download MoinMoin!

MoinMoin is a program with Freeware license, to download it click free download »»

MoinMoin ::: a wiki used to create and generate content.
MoinMoin is used in particular to create websites where users can collaborate to generate and create content.
MoinMoin can also be used in locally to get more organized data on the PC.
With MoinMoin you can manage computer data like a website with categories, subcategories, hypertext links, can attach images or documents.... download now »»

»» Free download SQLyog Community Edition!

SQLyog Community Edition is a program with Freeware license, to download it click free download »»

SQLyog Community Edition ::: a Graphical User Interface for the popular Relational Database Management System MySQL.
The software SQLyog Community Editionis created by the software development company Webyog, based in Bangalore.
To be able to use SQLyog Community Edition need to have knowledge of SQL, the program is very good in the administration of the database and is a great help because it helps us save a lot of our precious time.
With SQLyog Community Edition can manage the users and the permissions you grant them.... download now »»

The latest programs added to the site

LView Pro

»» The new version of LView Pro:

a computer program that allows users to view photos. Using LView Pro you can manage, compare and... free download »

Duplicate Cleaner Master

»» The new version of Duplicate Cleaner Master:

a computer program used to find duplicate files. Using Duplicate Cleaner Master you can detect a... free download »

Duplicates Cleaner

»» The new version of Duplicates Cleaner:

a computer program that allows users to detect duplicate files. Using Duplicates Cleaner you can... free download »

Home Design 3D

»» The new version of Home Design 3D:

a multi-device app that provides users with tools for drawing and home remodeling. Using Home Design 3D... free download »


»» The new version of Houzz:

a multi-device app that provides users with tools to furnish and decorate the home. Using Houzz ... free download »

Planner 5D

»» The new version of Planner 5D:

a computer program that gives users ideas to decorate and remodel the house. Using Planner 5D yo... free download »

Zenkit To Do

»» The new version of Zenkit To Do:

a program for different devices that allows users to manage task. Using Zenkit To Do you can man... free download »


»» The new version of Orgzly:

an application for Android smartphones that gives users the ability to create and manage notes. Using Org... free download »


»» The new version of Confidant:

a smartphone application that provides users with various location tools. Using Confidant you ca... free download »


»» The new version of Connected:

a smartphone application that gives users the ability to locate another phone. Using Connected y... free download »

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