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Free download utilities for linux WinRAR, WinZip, Adobe Reader, Google Earth, doPDF free pdf converter, Really Slick Screensavers, Stellarium, MapCreator, WinPcap, CCleaner Free download!

»» Free download WinRAR!

WinRAR is a program with Trial license, to download it click free download »»

WinRAR ::: a computer program to manage compressed files.
WinRAR is one of the best file compressor, with a good past in the world of software, and getting better, always knew how to adapt to new market demands.
WinRAR can create and decompress files on the most popular formats, with winrar installed you no longer need another compressor.
WinRAR supports among others the following formats: RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, 7-Zip (7z), TAR, GZIP (gz), uue, bz2, JAR, ISO, Z, etc..... download now »»

»» Free download WinZip!

WinZip is a program with Shareware license, to download it click free download »»

WinZip ::: a computer program to pack and unpack files.
WinZip is a file archiver and compressor for Microsoft Windows, developed by WinZip Computing (formerly Nico Mak Computing).
It natively uses the PKZIP format but also has various levels of support for other archive formats.
WinZip is a management tool for compressed files in zip, also supports the other types of compressed file formats but it needs more additional files that are not included in the free version.... download now »»

»» Free download Adobe Reader!

Adobe Reader is a program with Freeware license, to download it click free download »»

Adobe Reader ::: a family of application software by Adobe Systems.
These applications use Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) as their native file format.
Some software in the family is commercial, and some free of charge.
Adobe Reader is the best tool for reading, browsing and printing files and documents in PDF format.... download now »»

»» Free download Google Earth!

Google Earth is a program with Freeware license, to download it click free download »»

Google Earth ::: a virtual globe program that was originally called Earth Viewer and was created by Keyhole, Inc.
Google Earth is a computer program originally used to viewing the earth from the satellite, a true 3D virtual map (three dimensional).
With Google Earth , now you can also explore the moon or you can also explore the funds of the oceans and seas.
Google Earth uses a technology which combines satellite images, maps and search engine Google, obtaining in this way to make a 3D image of the Earth.... download now »»

»» Free download doPDF free pdf converter!

doPDF free pdf converter is a program with Freeware license, to download it click free download »»

doPDF free pdf converter ::: a free software which converts any document in known text formats in pdf format.
Using doPDF you can create searchable PDF files, with one click you can convert your Microsoft Excel, Word or PowerPoint documents or your emails and favorite web sites to PDF files.
To create PDF files with doPDF free PDF converter open a document choose Print and select doPDF, it will ask you where to save the PDF file and when finished, the PDF file will be automatically opened in your default PDF viewer.
With doPDF free PDF converter can also choose the page size for example: Letter, Legal, A4, A5, A6, etc.... download now »»

»» Free download Really Slick Screensavers!

Really Slick Screensavers is a program with Freeware license, to download it click free download »»

Really Slick Screensavers ::: a collection that contains 11 screensavers.
Really Slick Screensavers is a screensavers package that is used when the computer is idle.
Really Slick Screensavers contains the following screensavers: Hyperspace, Helios, Euphoria, Skyrocket, Solar Winds, Lattice, Flux, Plasma, Field Lines, Flocks, Cyclone.
With Really Slick Screensavers the computer seem more interesting and attractive when being in state of inactivity.... download now »»

»» Free download Stellarium!

Stellarium is a program with Freeware license, to download it click free download »»

Stellarium ::: a computer program used to study the sky.
Stellarium is a 3D virtual telescope that can be used to explore the universe.
Stellarium is a three-dimensional planetarium where you can see the most stars, planets, satellites and many other cosmic objects.
Stellarium is a program that simulates the sky, depending on location and time specified by the user.... download now »»

»» Free download MapCreator!

MapCreator is a program with Freeware license, to download it click free download »»

MapCreator ::: a computer program used to create maps.
With MapCreator you can create simple maps and animated maps of high quality.
With MapCreator you can create travel maps, presentation maps, geographic maps, etc..
MapCreator also allows editing of the maps created.... download now »»

»» Free download WinPcap!

WinPcap is a program with Freeware license, to download it click free download »»

WinPcap ::: a open source package and controller chip for a variety of applications for monitoring networks.
WinPcap is used to monitor internal networks is a very good instrument for this area of activity.
With WinPcap can see everything that happens in your network who enters and who exits.
WinPcap makes a filtering of data and show statistics everything that is happening in the network if detects intruders, allowing sniffers, traffic generators and network testing.... download now »»

»» Free download CCleaner!

CCleaner is a program with Freeware license, to download it click free download »»

CCleaner ::: a free program to optimize the computer.
CCleaner optimizes the PC removing all unused files from the system.
CCleaner does that after optimizing the Windows run much faster.
CCleaner removes temporary files, program files used for installation, empty the trash and removes traces of browsing.... download now »»

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